Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What is This?

This is in terribly poor taste.

It's absolutely disgusting, but it is so bizarre that I'm drawn to include it in this post.

Did someone really have to take a casting in order to make the mold?

Is it a gag gift?

Possibly a gift for someone with an "alternative" lifestyle?

Maybe a gift for the real A-hole in your life? Someone that you may want to send dead roses to on Valentine's Day. But why would I want to spend my money on something crafted out of fine Belgian chocolate to turn around and give to someone that holds that esteemed title?!?!

If you really want to know what this is, scroll down.

But beware, you may be sorry you found out.

****************Here we go****************


Jenni said...

I could have gone a lifetime with out seeing that.........eeeekkkkkk..

Tj & Mark said...

As long as it is chocolate it is ok by me :-)