Saturday, March 26, 2011

Japanese Noodle Soup

I love noodles.  Love.them.  It can be cheesy, saucey Italian, sweet Pad Thai, chewy Kluski egg noodles, Spaetzle or Udon.  I won't turn down a plate (or bowl) of pasta.  Never.

Tonight we were craving Udon noodles.  There is no good noodle shop anywhere near us so we decided to try and make our own soup.  I found Asian Mushroom Soup on my favorite cooking website and decided to give it a try.  Here's what I ended up with:

It turned out great!  It was very simple to make and hearty too.  I didn't even add the chicken breast but we didn't miss it.  Seems my store didn't have anything smaller than a 4 lb head of cabbage so instead I used a bag of pre-cut cole slaw.  It was the exact amount I needed, a time saver and was even on sale.   I bought some fresh ginger to use but apparently the bagger missed it as it wasn't in any of my bags when I got home.  I'd like to know how much of a difference that would have made as I thought the seasoning was pretty good as it was.  Hubby did add a few drops of fish sauce to his bowl and deemed it "perfect". 

Monday, March 7, 2011


Good guesses!

Yes, it was a cardboard tube.  No it didn't have a slug trail on it and no it didn't used to be inside a roll of paper towels.

Drum roll please.....

It was the cardboard tube inside a roll of foil.  However, the cardboard tube was in the kitchen drawer where I keep the foil, waxed paper, etc.  The box (also empty) was found on the counter.  I don't even want to try to understand why my husband put the empty cardboard tube back into the drawer and left the empty box on the counter.  Wouldn't you at least put the tube back into the box before putting the whole (empty) thing back in the drawer for me to find when I went to pull out some aluminum foil?

Thanks for playing - it was fun to see your guesses :-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What Is It?

Any guesses?  Here's a clue:  I found it in the kitchen.

I'll post the answer tomorrow.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The F Word

My 6 year old daughter was recounting her day at school today.  She mentioned a few people and described them by their shapes - one woman in particular was the "F" word.  I asked her what that meant and here's the conversation that followed:

Me:  So, what is the "F" word?
DD:  You know - "fat" but I didn't want to hurt her feelings by telling her that.
Me:  Well, people are all sorts of shapes you know.
DD:  Yeah, some people are round like circles, some are like rectangles...
Me:  Yes, that's right.
DD:  And you, you're sort of a half circle.

I guess that's one way to put it.