Monday, May 19, 2008

Gas and Oreos

This morning I was doing what I do every morning on the train ride in to Chicago. I read my newspaper (The Chicago Tribune - NEVER the Sun Times!!!) I came across two articles that I thought I would share with you.

The first one made me groan - it read "Chicago has highest gas price in U.S." which immediately made me think "I'm so grateful that I take Metra to work and do not have to drive." In fact, since I do take public transportation daily I only put about 5,000 miles per year on my car. Whew.

The second one was much less serious and something about it made me chuckle a bit. It read "Got milk? Crash strews Oreos over I-80". It reminded me about a client of mine that had a fire several years ago in their marshmallow production facility. I couldn't help but wonder if the place smelled like roasted marshmallows after they put the fire out... Of course I didn't share that thought with my client :-),0,49762.story

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