Friday, August 22, 2008

License Suspended

Chicago Tribune photo

Not mine!
Theirs -> Fulton's on the River What makes this even more gross is that I took business colleagues there for lunch three weeks ago... ick!
If you allow yourself to really start thinking about all the gross, disgusting stuff that could be happening to your food while it is being prepared (did they wash their hands properly? did they sneeze on it? was the waitress mad at me and did she spit in it?) you will never want to eat out again. So, I try not to let this stuff get to me, but I do think that Fulton's is now officially off my roster of lunch restaurants. Too bad, they have a lovely location right on the river too :-(

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AshAsh said...

Oh dear! I really try not to think about those things as well. It really makes me mad to think about the waitstaff potentially spitting in your food. That people can be that rude and that gross is just a sad, sad fact. I'm sorry that you've lost such a prime lunch spot though. I'm sure you'll find another one just as pretty soon! :)