Sunday, August 10, 2008

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Now that my little guy is 18 months old he is starting to bring home art work from school - mostly drawings on large 11x14 sheets of construction paper, such as this (excuse my photo - as much as I love this new camera I still don't know how buttons get pushed and I end up with B&W vs color photos ...)

I look at his art and say "awwwwww, my baby did that!" but realistically after putting one or two of these away for him, what else can you do with them? I feel bad just throwing them in the recycling bin.

I decided to re-purpose the artwork into wrapping paper. We used this particular drawing to wrap a book for a birthday party today. I also re-used some bright red ribbon that came on a gift basket we had received and the end result looked great, don't you think? The recipient (well, his mom) was thrilled that my little guy had "hand drawn" the wrapping paper and I felt much better knowing it went to one more use before (hopefully) being recycled.

The hardest part about re-using ribbons, bows and these art drawings are finding a place to store them but once you have that done it's easy to set these items aside for the next chance to artfully put them together and re-use them to wrap another gift with your own special touch.


Anonymous said...

*Ohh* the art work is so cute! I have two boxes full of drawings from LM that I don't know what to do with. I felt rotten about throwing most of her stuff away. She and I are supposed to go through them one day soon, and I think I'll use your idea (if you don't mind!).

For her first birthday, hubby and I spent a few hours drawing on the brown paper bags for her wrapping paper. She was thrilled to see the colors - looked like a giant box!

Noelle said...

I'm so glad to hear that you'll give this idea a try and re-purpose LM's art :-) I think the recipient will be thrilled too!

Michelle Landers said...

Great idea!