Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Almost Famous?

Wow, I just received a comment on my very first blog post from March of this year.

Not only was it from someone I do not know, but it was from the author of a book I mentioned in the post. Cool!

I'm flattered that he took the time to write a comment, albeit an unhappy one, but find it strange that he bothered posting on my little nobody-knows-me blog. He is, after all a published author and has even been featured on the "Today Show". I guess I touched a nerve (which was not my intent - blogging is all about your own opinions/thoughts/ramblings, is it not?) enough that he dashed off that comment.

I wonder how he found my blog - was he Googling himself? Did someone else read my blog and forward my post about his book to him? Either way, I feel kind of famous now and seeing his comment did make me smile. Thank you, Jeff!


RandomRanter said...

I think most authors do set up alerts to track comments about their books. It makes sense since for most books they really are relying on word of mouth to generate sales.

Jeff Yeager said...

Hi Noelle -

Sorry about my rather curt response yesterday.

I’m really a pretty happy-go-lucky guy, but in fact you did touch a nerve. As a first time author, I’ve been surprised by the number of people who suggest that a book has nothing to offer, even though they’ve never read it. If someone reads it and doesn’t like it, so be it; but otherwise it seems like the “opinion” expressed is rather uninformed, is it not?

I also find it surprising – rather amusing, actually - how many people, particularly bloggers, think authors are too “famous” or far removed to actually read stuff that’s written about them on the web.

A little author like me is just an everyday Joe (I write from my garage in rural Maryland, eatin’ peanut butter for lunch…), trying to share some thoughts and eek out a modest living through his craft. Of course we care about what’s being said about us and our work. You bet, Google is a great thing, and every writer I know uses it to find out who’s saying what about them and their books. Maybe some authors don’t feel compelled to respond, but we’re always listening, or reading, as the case may be.

So, no hard feelings and good luck with your blog … trust me, I’ll be reading. ;-)

-Jeff Yeager
Author, The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map to True Riches

Faith said...

On the other hand, there's me (hi, Noelle!) who would not known about this book if I hadn't read about it here, and I've just now requested it from the library. Thanks for the discussion and public service!

And yes, to answer your question from a long time ago, I'm on Ravelry, which is an amazing time sink! I need to post my own stuff, and when I do, you'll be able to find me under the name Dancing Dogs. (I currently have a (rescue) dog named Tango and the first dog I remember my family having when I was a little kid was named Calypso.)

Faith said...

Oh great. I should have previewed or proofread my post before hitting the submit button. I meant to say "would not have known."

Kimbo said...

Ran across your blog randomly. I love it. It's full of all sorts of great recipes and I recently got into knitting so thanks for all of your tips. Hope it's ok if I tune in and see what you've got going on.

Noelle said...

Hi Kim! I'm so glad you like the blog and have been able to find some good stuff on it. ** My only request is to please not use any of my personal photos or copy my posts as those are my property and it is not a good feeling to see that someone has cut and pasted them elsewhere! If you want to use a photo please ask me first. Thanks and hope to hear more from you! Noelle

jopal said...

My email keeps coming back - don't know if it your email rejecting it or mine having problems.
I want to thank you very much for the awesome package you sent me for the Starbuck/Yarn swap. I LOVE the bag - everything was great but the back was AWESOME

sarah said...

What a bastard! I had something very similar happen over on my blog awhile back...take a look if you want a good laugh!

Noelle said...

Hi Jeff - thanks for the follow up comment. I really meant no offense to you personally and as I recall I think I was mostly commenting on the article and how you were portrayed - I was being honest that after reading the article I didn't feel inclined to read the book. That was a bummer for me because I love the challenge of stretching my hard earned dollars too and I enjoy reading what others do to achieve that goal in their own lives. But, as my husband says, I do tend to take things a little too literally, so maybe that's my problem.

I hope you do keep reading my blog - your comments are always welcome!


P.S. Any chance you knit?
P.P.S. There's no such thing as "bad" publicity, right? Look at Faith - because of my blog she has requested your book from her library - so there is at least one more reader you wouldn't have before my ramblings!