Sunday, August 3, 2008

Date Night

Ahhhhhhhhh, yesterday was Date Night. Before kids I thought it sounded silly/cliche/too cutesy to have a "Date Night". Then I had kids and realized that it becomes very easy to just not go out as a couple anymore. After our daughter was born in 2005 Hubby and I didn't go out by ourselves for 13 months so we decided we had better start Date Night in our family. I now understand the value in having at least one night a month when you do go out with your husband. Sometimes we go out by ourselves, other times with another couple. Although sometimes all the prep work(getting a babysitter, cleaning up the house, organizing what they are going to have for dinner, etc) makes me want to just stay home, but we persevere and most times it's actually fun!

This Saturday we went to see Gipsy Kings at Ravinia, a really nice outdoor venue with lawn and pavilion seating (we always opt for the lawn). What a romantic, fun, get-up-and-dance (and I don’t even dance) concert. I'm proud to say I liked the GK before they were popular here in the States - I have their first album and get this - it's on cassette. Man, that's a long time ago...

It was interesting to people watch and see all the young couples - women in long floaty skirts, some in heels. I was in shorts and a cotton sleeveless shirt - very suburban mom. As I sat there I tried to remember back when Hubby and I went to Ravinia while we were dating or before we had kids. It sure was a different experience and I did find myself a little melancholy for those days.

Still, by about 9:45pm all I could think about was going home, hugging my baby boy and getting to bed - I could hardly keep my eyes open. This seems to happen to me a lot on Date Night… I miss my kids and just want to get home to them and then go to bed. I think I need to work on that.

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with the Gipsy Kings’ music I found a bunch of stuff on Youtube - these two are really good - Volare and Un Amor. Listen and tell me if you were able to resist dancing - or at least tapping your foot. I've had "Volare" in my head all day - but that's a good thing :-)

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Emily said...

I am inspired to insist on a Date Night at our house! We finally just had our first no-kids vacation since having the kids, and it reminded us of the importance of grown-up time. On to Date Night!