Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Girl

You know all of those free return address labels you get in the mail from charities trying to convince you to make a donation? I have enough that I will never use them all up, so I let my daughter play with them since to her they are just stickers. It's a freebie and another way to "reduce, reuse, recycle" instead of just throwing them out.

First she came up with the idea to make a moustache (after sticking several on that poor lady over on the right)

Then she decided to make a whole beard so she could look like her dad. We really get a kick out of her creativity - hopefully that means we are doing something right!

Here are three more pictures from that same evening, pre-facial hair. I love our new camera and couldn't stop taking pictures!

....talking...and talking...and talking...

Unabashedly cute!

OK, now she's just trying to be cute, but you know what? It works.

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