Monday, June 2, 2008

Ice Cream Lost

My little guy had his first ice cream cone this weekend.

I was really impressed with how well he did - he held it upright, didn't spill anything and seemed to know that he needed to start at the top and eat downwards. By the way, do you notice the brindle greyhound lurking in the background?

Look at the concentration - he is doing such a great job! Hmmmmmm, that greyhound sure is hovering...

Wow - look at him go!

Ohhh, now he's down to the very last part of the cone - this was always my favorite part, where the ice cream is all melty and settled into the "basket" part of the cone. You just pop it into your mouth in one bite - yum!

Sadly, my little guy never did get to complete this last step. Kiki (the greyhound) snatched it out of his sticky little hands; while I didn't see it actually happen I did hear him squeal and turned in time to see her running with her head down and ice cream cone in her mouth. He toddled after her, chasing her and crying. He even swiped at her - he was so mad. It was heartbreaking - so much so I was too distracted to get a picture. Just as well, it was very sad.

Here is my girl with HER ice cream. Notice the greyhound skulking around again. Cue the theme music from "Jaws" - that's what it's like when you have food around Kiki. She just keeps circling and circling, looking for her chance to grab it. She can be very bold and she is super quiet and very stealthy when she does it.

My girl, at the ripe old age of 3, is on to Kiki's little tricks so she decided to go into her little playhouse to enjoy the rest of her cone. I took this picture peeking through the little notch between the shutters.

She calls the house her "restaurant" but she pronounces it "restaurahnk". I have no idea why she calls it that but it's very adorable. Anyways, she loves to hang out in the restaurahnk and wait for customers - notice the little lawn chair she pulled in there so she can sit while she waits.

This weekend she begged me to come to her restauranhnk and knock on her shutters - she likes to keep them closed until she gets a customer, you know. So I dutifully went and knocked on the shutters and she ignored me. So I knocked again and she responded with "I'm closed!" Can you believe it?? She begs me to come play restaurahnk with her and then she tells me she's closed! I say "but I'm so hungry, can't you please make me something to eat?". She's a tough cookie and replies "no, you'll have to find another restaurant, I'm closed". I call her bluff and walk away. She bites and calls out "I'm open now!!" so it all begins again.

By the way, we got the playhouse from Freecycle :-)

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