Monday, June 9, 2008

Deadly Chocolate Fumes

A story that caught my eye today in the Tribune:

"Chicago worker dies after deadly fumes released at Blommer Chocolate factory",0,4477418.story

What a bizarre event and I'm sorry to see that a man died, but the fact that it happened at a chocolate factory makes it even more odd and is probably why the Trib picked up the story.

The Blommer Chocolate factory was also in the news a few years ago because someone complained about the "odors" their factory emitted. Yes, believe it or not a resident who was new to the area actually filed a complaint about the chocolate smell that wafted from the Blommer factory and perfumed the air of the surrounding neighborhood.

I, myself have smelled the odors/aromas (depending on who you are talking to) that the resident complained about and believe me - they are absolutely heavenly! The smell wasn't there every day, so it was always an extra special treat when I left my office and was greeted with a whiff of chocolate in the air. It was a creamy, dark chocolately, brownie-like aroma and it always made me take a deep breath, sigh and smile. I guess if I lived in the surrounding neighborhood maybe it would get annoying but oooooooooh, I was really angry that the complaint filer was ruining it for everyone by blowing the whistle on Blommer's - what a jerk!

Later I learned that apparently from an EPA standpoint a factory is supposed to contain their emissions, however delicious smelling they may be. I believe that Blommer's was obligated to eventually do something to keep their chocolate smells to themselves which certainly is too bad for me and the other commuters who enjoyed that little whiff of heaven on their walk to work.

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