Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fodder's Day

My baby and my Hubby - what a handsome pair!

I have to admit that it always makes me smile when my daughter says mother and father as "mudder" and "fodder" - I love hearing that childish pronounciation of those two words.

For Fodder's Day we let Daddy sleep in and made him breakfast in bed. We also bought him a new hammock for the back yard - I kept telling her it was a surprise but of course Friday afternoon she blurted it out to her Dad the first chance she had "Dad! We got you a hammock!". Luckily, Hubby couldn't hear well (she was on my cell phone) so I think we would have gotten away with it except this morning she blurted it out again when we were taking him his breakfast. She doesn't really know what a hammock is, but I'm sure once she sees it set up we will not be able to get her out of it. Lucky for Hubby it's a hammock made for two :-)
I'm very grateful to have such a wonderful, caring husband who is such a great dad too. If you can't tell by the grey hair (which, by the way, started coming in when he was 19) he did wait a few years to have children. He admits he may be lower energy than other dads but what he may lack in energy he more than makes up for in patience and love for our children.
There are many things I admire about my Hubby but here are a few things I most admire about him as a Fodder:
  • He is way more patient than me. Period.
  • He rarely raises his voice with the kids, even when he is getting really frustrated.
  • He has developed a treasured bed-time routine for our daughter - so much so that she requests that he put her to bed and not me (I try not to let this hurt my feelings ...sniff, sniff...)
  • He really can identify with young children and adjusts his expectations down to their emotional abilities (I need to work on that).

"I love you Daddy! Can't wait to re-create some of the chaos you brought on Grandma when you were a little boy!!"

"I'm getting ready to head out with my Daddy. We like to go to Home Depot, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and the motorcycle shop. I'm a Daddy's girl and proud of it!"

P.S. For more on the little yellow dress I'm wearing (yup, Mommy knit that) click Here


Anonymous said...

Fodder! I was laughing when I saw the title :D

I'd called my dad up earlier in the day and said "Happy Fodder's Day, Fodder." He thanked me by calling me Chief Big Nose (an inside joke). Glad to know that I'm not the only one out there calling my daddy Fodder.

When I saw your post and giggled, Hubby let me know that it wasn't exactly a compliment - which prompted me to look it up...
definition: ood, esp. dried hay or feed, for cattle and other livestock. • a person or thing regarded only as material for a specific use

Hope your weekend was wonderful.

Noelle said...

Hi Gin! Thanks for the comment - I had a feeling that "fodder" meant something but I was too lazy to actually look it up :-)