Monday, March 31, 2008

Doing a Good Deed with Goodsearch

Have you heard of

It's a search engine powered by Yahoo but with a philanthropic twist. Each time you use them for a search they donate 1 cent to the charity of your choice. That doesn't seem like much, but it adds up and as you know for many charities every penny counts!

I came across it through the greyhound adoption group I work with - Midwest Greyhound Adoption. In the few years that MGA has been participating in Goodsearch they have raised a couple of hundred dollars for the greyhounds and through no extra effort other than asking their members to type in when they are looking something up on the web.

The challenge is getting people to use it and CONTINUING to use it. If most people are like my husband they say "Google is faster and how much money am I really going to be able to help contribute so why bother?" To which I roll my eyes and say "if you don't use Goodsearch you won't contribute anything, so at least give it a try it, OK? For the dogs??? Please?????" Personally, if I don't find what I need after using Goodsearch I will go to Google, but at least I start with Goodsearch.

This is such an easy way to help - why not do it? If you don't find a charity that you support already listed with Goodsearch please consider supporting the greyhounds - Midwest Greyhound Adoption.

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