Tuesday, February 2, 2010

He's Just Not That Into You

I checked this movie out of the library this past weekend and have come to the conclusion that this should be required viewing for all young women.

I know it was a comedy, but honestly so much of it rang true to life. Everything from the beginning where little girls are told "Jimmy is picking on you because he likes you" to the crazy things women do (and yes, I did too) trying to analyze what a man did, what did it mean, what should you do all the way to the clique of waiting by the phone, checking 10 times to make sure it was working, etc. I have notebooks that I kept in high school jotting down what my crush did/said/didn't do with my resulting analysis. Just imagine where I'd be now if I had spent all that time studying something important like math, English or biology.

It was funny to watch now but a little painful to see it happen and remember that I really did do some of those things. Stupid, pathetic, low self-esteem things. Is there anyway I can prevent my daughter from going through those painful, useless gyrations? Someway to help her see it before she gets mired in the I'm-not-happy-or-complete-unless-I'm-in-a-relationship muck?

Much to my chagrin she is already idealizing Cinderella and the Price, Snow White and the Prince, etc. I really tried to keep all that stuff away from her but once one little girl at school had it and started talking princesses it spread like wild fire. My girl came home talking about this stuff without ever having seen it. I caved and allowed her to have some dress-up princess gowns, and allowed Grandma to buy her Cinderella and off we went.

Now she is talking about the song "All the Single Ladies" and while I know she has never heard it at home or seen the video it makes me a little sad realizing the influence her peers have over her. I'll just have to be more influential.

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