Friday, July 11, 2008

Lilies - Bang For Your Gardening Buck

If you want to get a lot of bang for your gardening dollar try planting lilies. This plant is just one bulb and look how many beautiful flowers are on it.

This is my front garden - these bright, colorful lilies make me feel so happy when I drive up to my house. The pop of color is really eye-catching. I think the bulbs multiply over time and every season it does seem like I have more.

This is a grouping of white lilies (not the same plant as the first picture). The prior owner of my house had planted them and overtime they became buried under the foliage of a monster hydrangea. A few summers ago I happened to notice them stuggling behind the hydrangea so I moved them and they are absolutely thriving now. They remind me of a bridal bouquet - pure white, full and just lovely.

If you have some space in your garden that needs a little dressing up give lilies a try!


sarah said...

Your lilies are beautiful! I absolutely love these flowers - so fragrant and they bloom in so many colors! I wish I had your green thumb!

Noelle said...

Another good thing about lilies... you don't need to have a green thumb! Mine is kind of a pale green at best - the plants that do best with me are the hardy ones, which is why I have so many perennials :-)