Monday, July 21, 2008

Competitive Streak

I cannot turn down a challenge - a mental challenge that is. I love board games, especially Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble. Those games they do at baby showers - oh boy, let me at 'em (it's rather embarassing, this competitve streak I have). So, when the Starbucks and Yarn Swap I am participating in on Ravelry posted a Scavenger Hunt - well, I was ALL OVER IT. We are supposed to post our answers in our blogs, so here they are. They won't make any sense to anyone not in the swap - sorry!

Within Your Blend:

1. What U.S. state has the most folks in your Blend: Three way tie between MN/FL/CA
2. What is the most popular Ravatar choice: Raveler's own picture (or with spouse incl)
3. Someone with over 100 posts: Anniebananie (604 posts)
4. Longest term Raveler: Woollywizard since 5/27/07
5. Newest Raveler: BellaAnna 6/29/08
6. Anniebananie is a sock knitter
7. Grannysheep is a spinner
8. Two people with the same favorite drink: Grannysheep and Rdodo enjoy their lattes
9. Find two bloggers: Kathie77 and Knitknot
10. Find two non-bloggers: Wannabemuse and BellaAnna

Outside Your Blend:

1. Two people who dye yarn: Setembrina, Shelbyknits, Snowmoon4, Crazy4knitting
2. Two people with the same favorite color: Knit1kids2, Karidyan, Chloecat262 all love purple
3. Two people with the same favorite fragrance: Lavender for Mspalmtree, Sscerrato and Sheepishone
4. Two people with the same favorite yarn: Miami99 and Mspalmtree love alpaca
5. Someone with more than four kids: Kelly41momof5 (5 kids), Bartons15 (13 kids)
6. Three people who live outside the U.S. Sibylle (Germany), Lynnsanjac (UK), Knittingbunnymum (Canada)
7. Someone with an unusual pet: Mikelswool - 16 sheep
8. Someone with at least three pets: Kelly41momof5, Mikelswool
9. Two people with birthdays in the same week: Happylady (Feb 19), Juliebie (Fed 21)
10. Two people with the same favorite curse word: Jebns, Marian, Sheepishone, Cabingirl and Shelbyknits all favor the "eff" word.

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