Saturday, May 30, 2009

Help Racing Greyhounds

No secret that helping racing greyhounds is one of my passions. These sweet, gentle, beautiful animals deserve so much better. I hope you see fit to click here and show your support by electronically signing the petition that the Animal Rescue Site is hosting.

If you'd like to help support animal shelters in general - The Animal Rescue Site also donates food to animals shelters for every "click" they receive - .6 of a bowl of food per click. You can click every day to help - make it a part of your morning routine - get coffee, turn on the computer, click to donate food and then go about your day. It feels good to start it off doing something to help animals. You can even sign up for a daily e-mail reminder to click; can't get much more convenient than that.

1 comment:

Jack said...

Very cool. Keep up the good work. I think you'll find this video particularly inspirational -- -- it's the "aha moment" of a woman who realized that helping greyhounds was rewarding and what she needed to be doing in her life. I know you'll enjoy it.