Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Movie Reviews

I was recently sick and took full advantage of my time on the couch to catch up on a few movies. We haven't seen a movie in ages so my hubby joined me.

Here are a few of our opinions. I'm the first to admit that as much as I wish I were, I am not a cerebral, analytical movie watcher. So keep that in mind and here we go!

Atonement - 1930s, sad, frustrating, intriguing, with a bit of WW II history. We give it 3 stars.

Choice reviewer quotes:

N - "what a little S&^$! I can't believe she did that and ruined their lives!!".

K - "come on, she was in love!" He also instantly recognized the battle of Dunkirk (my husband is so much smarter than me when it come to history).

Babel ("babble") - Entwined familial crises in Morocco/Japan/Mexico. Couple in marital crisis go to Morocco and leave their children in the care of their illegal immigrant nanny in San Diego. Gut wrenching to see how people react under tremendous stress and who ultimately pays the price. It was good! We give it 3 stars.

N - "what a little S&^$! I can't believe he did that and ruined their lives!!" and "Why ever would you go to Morocco if you were a germaphobe like Cate Blanchett's character?"

K - "well, he is a boy"

Love in the Time of Cholera - 1900s, unrequited love. Somewhat intriguing but watch the movie to ogle Javier Bardem otherwise read the book (which I have not but I'm guessing it's much better). We give it 2 stars.

N - "OMG, I think I'm in love with Javier Bardem"

K - "wow, Javier Bardem IS one good looking guy"

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